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KVSO is a non-profit and a community based organization established in 2015 in Kenya to promote peace, global citizenship, community development and cultural exchange through international volunteering programs. 

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KVSO aims to help volunteers, young people and all participants partaking our programs to develop their skills in different fields to become informed, responsible and active global citizens who would later become drivers and change makers in their communities.
We have been running peace projects mostly coordinated by UNESCO Paris, Kenya National commission for UNESCO, UNESCO Regional office of Eastern Africa and other local partner organizations with an aim to empower the young people of Kenya to play an active role as peace agents and change makers in their respective communities.

KVSO is currently involved in teaching, educating and informing the children and the youth of Kenya about the importance of preserving and protecting their world heritage sites through the UNESCO World Heritage Volunteers programme.

Our projects range from Wildlife projects, Education, Farming, Building and construction, Environmental, Cultural, Musical, Hospital and Peace projects.

Volunteering is powerful! It is a means of engaging and empowering communities, particularly women, children and young people to engage them on meaningful ventures, help them identify their needs and enable them find viable potential solutions. It is highly imperative to ensure the sustainability and ownership of the development progress in results as volunteerism in Kenia Voluntary Service Organization programs proactively promotes public inclusion, community engagement, cultural exchange and understanding, and participation in development.



 "This mid-term project was a challenge for me as I didn't know so much about this country, but the people here welcomed me as if I was part of the family." 

Laure, France

KVSO Kenya

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