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Mara Osera Maasai Mara Game Reserve Project

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From 3 weeks to 1 year (all year long)

Wildlife, Culture, Conservation, Education

Maasai Mara

Short-term volunteering


The Maasai tribe is a unique and popular tribe due to their long preserved culture. Despite education, civilization and western cultural influences, the Maasai people have clung to their traditional way of life, making them a symbol of Kenyan culture.

Maasai's distinctive culture, dress style and strategic territory along the game parks of Kenya and Tanzania have made them one of East Africa's most internationally famous tourist attractions.


Through rituals and ceremonies, including circumcision, Maasai boys are guided and mentored by their fathers and other elders on how to become a warrior. Although they still live their carefree lives as boys - raiding cattle, chasing young girls, and game hunting - a Maasai boy must also learn all of the cultural practices, customary laws and responsibilities he will require as an elder.

The wildlife, culture, conservation and education village centre offers volunteers the ultimate opportunity to explore, learn and interact with the Maasai community and their culture. The Mara conservation gives them a platform to serve, interact and also live like the Maasai people. Above all, the conservancy is managed according to a model that protects the delicate eco-system and benefits the landowners who are the Maasai people.


Volunteers will be involved in tasks related to:

  • animal conservation: regular ground patrols and safari walk, identify animal species found within the area, identify and name indigenous plants and uses, monitoring wildlife movement

  • and cultural activities: experience Maasai way of life, control cattle grazing, milking and care for cattles, maintenance, building and renovation of the manyatta houses.

The second main topic of this short-term volunteering is to be involved in school teaching program and their missions will be: teaching lessons and playing with kids, planting of trees, gardening and land scaping, outreach programme in the local dispensary.

Extra activities will be also proposed such as: learning life skills, bead work, cooking using firewood, ensure upkeep of the conservancy and work with other stake holders, bird watching for interested volunteers.


Volunteers will be living in a secluded Maasai village with access to drinking water, minimal electricity and adequate food.


Orientation will begin in the morning of the first day of the short-term volunteering at KVSO offices and volunteers will be picked up for accommodation and taken for the orientation which will be conducted by KVSO staff in Nairobi.


Everything they need to know about the project placement will be covered.
Volunteers will be able to know everything about the project such as: expectations, safety, travel opportunities in Kenya, introduction to the project and placement.


The orientation will also give a chance to meet other volunteers and swap contact details for weekend travel and socializing.


Most of the free time will be spent sharing culture and friendship with local community members and the other volunteers on the project. There will be an opportunity to visit a local market, attend church, play soccer and participate in other community activities.


Volunteers will have the opportunity to discover the fabulous environment and rich diversity of the Maasai Mara culture.

This will provide opportunities for international volunteers to learn/ enjoy local life and exchange with local people, making a while experience life through the eyes of the locals and exploring the great seven wonders of Maasai Mara National Game Reserve.


Volunteers will enjoy the beautiful savannah. Numerous plains games including antelopes, wild beasts, zebras, Maasai giraffes can be seen as well as scavengers like hyena and vulture. Volunteers will have the chance to take a guided safari on a weekend trip to go deeper into the Maasai Mara reserve to spot lions, gazelles and water buffalo.


380€ which include project work, housing, all meals, transport from the airport and to the project site, and 24 hours on side staff support.


Jomo Kenyatta International Airport

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