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Tujitahidi Women Community Development Self Help Group Project


From August, 1st to August, 26th

Environment / Culture


Short-term volunteering








Tujitahidi self Help Group is a non-profit initiative that is based on the community development. It was started by joint women in Mulundu village and its neighbors (found in Kaimosi, Vihiga county of Kenya), due to increase in poverty and illiteracy in the village as a result of cultural influence.


Tujitahidi literally means ‘let’s work hard’. The main aim of this organization is to improve people's life in the community, especially the vulnerable, and to link the community with other players in order to address the challenges faced by the local community. The mission of this organization is concerned with the well-being of children, women, widows, widowers, men and youths who are disadvantaged due to their economic, social and cultural background.

We want to build a healthy, transformed, and interactive community. The project has two women group whereby one deals with women who are affected or infected by HIV/AIDS and another one dealing with empowerment of women in various areas. 

Volunteers will be involved in the following activities: 

  • Empowering the women by involving them in agriculture activities whereby they keep poultry and do some farm work. Through this, the women can sell their produce, be self-reliant and support their families.

  • Helping in construction of houses for the vulnerable, widows, families and old people who are not able to improve their housing facilities. This construction work depends with the availability of funds and the willingness of group members to contribute with building materials.

  • Organizing HIV/AIDS campaigns with health volunteers, especially for young people.

  • Organizing life skill sessions with the children in order to nurture them and live positive life while avoiding drug abuse and engaging in bad groups

  • The women group involve in sport competition against other women groups from neighboring communities. 

  • Visiting the school in the village and helping with some activities such as: Clearing the bushes and general cleaning of the school, Bringing along other kids to play with the disabled kids so that they feel part of the society, Helping the kids with mobility, Preparation and serving of meals, Washing clothes for the disabled

Volunteers will be living in the orphanage or host family; there is toilet tap water. Electricity is available.

Orientation will begin in the morning of the 30th July 2023 at KVSO offices and you will be picked up from accommodation and taken to the orientation center which will be conducted by KVSO staff at Nairobi. It will cover everything you need to know about your project placement, introduction to Kenya and Luhya
land, Luhya customs, and expectations, safety, travel opportunities in Kenya. The orientation will also give you a chance to meet other volunteers and swap contact details for weekend travel and socializing.

There will be an opportunity to visit the town any time at your free time, play soccer and participate in other community activities. They will be an opportunity to visit the vast and most beautiful Kakamega forest with different species of birds and collobus monkeys. Sunset and sunrise sighting. Visit Kisumu city in Lake Victoria for boat ride, hippo search and Dunga hill camp.

380€ which include project work, housing, all meals, transport from the airport and to the project site, and 24 hours on side staff support.

Jomo Kenyatta International Airport

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