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Imani Children's Home Project


From March, 4th to March, 26th



Short-term volunteering


Imani Children’s home Orphanage was started in 1993 as a jigger program helping curb jiggers in children. This was done until 2010 where the founder met a small girl called Eunice Amita who changed the whole idea of the project from only doing the jiggers programme to starting a children’s home that would carefully for neglected, abandoned and orphaned children.


The project has grown over the years, currently having 25 children:12 boys and 13 girls. With this number of children, Imani Children’s home started their own school where they could control the type of quality education offered to the kids and now the children can communicate fluently in English. The school is also opened to the community which helps the children be well integrated with the other children in the community.


Volunteers will assist with projects that aim to encourage youth from disadvantaged communities to further their education and personal development. In addition to promoting the importance of education, individuals may also be encouraged to undertake vocational training where they are able to gain key job skills. Volunteers may create social workshops or run specific skills-based workshops such as language classes, computing, sports, drama or music.


Volunteers will help to organize and facilitate activities, clean, prepare meals and snack and help in serving, support in teaching English and other subjects in orphanages, provide practical help such as gardening, baby-sitting, painting and decorating, involve in the care, safety, security and overall well-being of children who range in age from infancy to teen, feed them, wash them, take them to class and play with the kids.

Extra activities will be also proposed such as: helping the children with their homework, washing their clothes, helping in office work, Jiggers programme - mostly field work - visiting school and children affected.



Volunteers will stay in the hostel inside the orphanage home. Meals will be prepared by house parents with the help of volunteers.

Orientation will begin in the morning of the 3rd March 2023 at KVSO offices. Volunteers will be picked up from accommodation and taken to the orientation which will be conducted by KVSO staff or coordinator.


The orientation will cover everything they need to know about the project placement with an introduction to Kenya and Swahili land, Swahili customs, expectations, safety and travel opportunities in Kenya. The orientation will also give them a chance to meet other volunteers and swap contact details for weekend travel and socializing.


Most of the free time will be spent sharing culture and friendship with local community members and the other volunteers on the project.

There will be an opportunity to visit the Indian Ocean for sunrise, sunset, sun bathing and do a safari drive at the Tsavo East and West National Park.



380€ which include project work, housing, all meals, transport from the airport and to the project site, and 24 hours on side staff support.

Jomo Kenyatta International Airport

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