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Cerebral Palsy Society of Kenya (CPSK) Project


From June, 7th 2023 to February, 24th 2024



Mid or Long-term volunteering








Cerebral Palsy Society of Kenya (CPSK) is a charitable Organisation working towards the improvement of the welfare of children/persons afflicted by Cerebral Palsy (C.P) in the country. The organisation has been operating as a society since 1996 and has remained steadfast in its endeavour to enable as many children/persons as possible to live more fulfilling lives.

Being a charitable Organization, CPSK relies wholly on support from well-wishers and other people of goodwill for its upkeep. Today, the organisation caters for over 350 children/persons who benefit directly from therapy and rehabilitation services that are offered at extremely subsidized fees.

Volunteers will be expected to perform the following services;

  • Rehabilitation

  • Provision of therapy

  • Provision of assistive devices

  • Special Needs Education

  • Psychosocial Services

  • Creation and enhancement of awareness

  • Promotion of legislative policy and other measures to improve the welfare

  • Resource mobilization

  • Economic Empowerment

Volunteers will stay in host family for the first and last day of the project. They  will prepare and share meals together.

Volunteers need to carry a sleeping mat, sleeping bag and mosquito net.

Orientation will begin in the morning of the 6th of June 2023 at KVSO offices or hostels. Volunteers will be picked up from accommodation and taken to the orientation which will be conducted by our local staff in Nairobi.


It will cover everything they need to know about the project placement. They will receive an introduction to the project, to Kenya, Kenyan customs, language, as well as expectations, safety and travel opportunities in Kenya.


The orientation will also give them a chance to meet other volunteers and swap contact details for weekend travel and socializing. 

Major attraction for your leisure time will be in the Nairobi National Park where there are; the black rhino, lion, leopard, cheetah, hyena, buffaloes, Giraffe, zebra, wildebeest, elands and diverse birdlife with over 400 species recorded.

Other attractions include; the ivory burning site monument, Nairobi safari walk, the orphanage and the walking trails.

380€ (monthly) which include project work, housing, all meals, transport from the airport and to the project site, and 24 hours on side staff support.

Jomo Kenyatta International Airport

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