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Cranes of Dago Agricultural Organization


From February, 7th to July, 30th 2023


Environment, Agriculture and Conservation

Mid or Long-term volunteering


Cranes of Dago Agricultural Organization is a Community Based Organization formed in 1998 and registered by the department of social services and development. Cranes deals with various issues that touches on day to day life of the local communities and run programs such as environment education involving: capacity building and training, research and monitoring, landscape rehabilitation, Eco-Tourism, School Outreaches and Home Based care projects within its mandate.

The organization was established to make an impact on the growing problem of vulnerable children, widows and orphans rights to sustainable development. It is dedicated to protecting and promoting the rights of children and supporting the vulnerable, widows and orphans.

Cranes of Dago organizes routine trainings on farming for the widows and the youth to give them sustainability.


Volunteers will be involved in the following activities:

  • Raise environmental awareness, planting of trees and transfer of seedlings, spring protection, arboretum with indigenous trees, landscaping, wildlife with oriented trees

  • Construction of Eco toilet

  • Fish farming 

  • Town and market clean-up campaign, garbage collection

  • Poultry farming with indigenous breeds and upgrading

  • Bee keeping projects

  • Intercultural events

  • Landscaping and reputation

  • Cattle Farming, cash crop farming, coordinating/mobilizing campaigns and actions on child rights 


Volunteers will stay with the host family during the project. The project is located in Lake Victoria and is a safe and exciting way to experience the city and compare it to the area you will serve. Volunteers will be living by the host families, pit latrines and local bathrooms will be used, adequate electricity and internet if you get the Kenyan line which we shall coordinate. Accommodations are very simple, there is no running water and meals will be prepared by community members with the help of volunteers.


Orientation will begin in the morning of the 6th February 2023 at KVSO offices. You will be picked up from accommodation and taken for the orientation which will be conducted by KVSO staff in Nairobi.

Everything volunteers need to know about their project placement will be covered. Volunteers will receive an introduction to Kenya and Luo land, Luo customs, as well as expectations, safety and travel opportunities in Kenya. The orientation will also give them a chance to meet other volunteers and swap contact details for weekend travel and socializing. Once orientation is complete, volunteers will travel by bus to the project site.


Most of our free time will be spent sharing culture and friendship with local community members and the other volunteers on the project. There will be an opportunity to visit a local market, attend church, play soccer and participate in other community activities. They will be an opportunity to visit the vast and most beautiful Kakamega forest with different species of birds and colobus monkeys.


You will also have the chance to do a boat ride on Lake Victoria. Also called Victoria Nyanza, it is the largest lake in Africa and chief reservoir of the Nile. It is lying mainly in Tanzania and Uganda but is bordering on Kenya. Its area is 69,484 square km. Among the freshwater lakes of the world, it is exceeded in size only by Lake Superior in North America.


You can also discover Mfangano Island Camp which is a luxury island hideaway lodge, where you can enjoy a relaxing break. The camp is perfect to include in your Kenya Safari either between safaris in Kenya's Masai Mara and the Serengeti in Tanzania or following a safari in the Masai Mara. 



380€ (monthly) which include project work, housing, all meals, transport from the airport and to the project site, and 24 hours on site staff support.

Jomo Kenyatta International Airport

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