Kenia Voluntary Service Organization

Our values

Promoting peace, diversity and intercultural exchange

We promote these values in common with the International Voluntary Service network, and we consider that there is no development without peace and no peace without development.

Empowering the youth through impactful projects

At KVSO, we encourage every single initiative that can contribute to a global change. Our volunteers acquire new skills and knowledge through a fulfilling experience that will influence their own empowerment.

Implementing development projects with the local community

We believe in the responsability of the local community in its own developement and the projects implemented are always linked to the needs of the people on site.

Where volunteering truly means something
Our actions

Sending & receiving volunters

Our team is willing to welcome you and to help you to build your volunteering project. Sending & receiving volunteers is our passion and we always do our best for you to have the most enriching experience.

Community Empowerment

Above all, KVSO is a Community Based Organisation that aims to empower the local community by giving the chance to take the responsability in the change.

Promoting volunteering

KVSO is engaged for the promotion of volunteering in Kenya by participating in many projects and events around the world. Follow us on social medias and on our blog to learn more about our actions.

When volunteers talk about us

‘This mid-term project was a challenge for me as I didn’t know so much about this country but the people here welcomed me like if I was part of the family. Volunteer is an empowering experience and being here in Kenya was, for me, the best country to do it. People are welcoming, kind and generous and they will give you the opportunity to leave an unforgettable moment.’

Alice (France)

‘This workcamp was my first experience as a volunteer and it was so successfull that I’m thinking to volunteer again soon. Despite the cultural differences that you have to face at the beginning, these few weeks in Kenya were an experience that I will never forget. I encourage all of my friends to participate in such fulfilling and exciting project, and I would like to thank you KVSO for their wonderful work.’

Ludwig (Germany)

‘This experience was one of the best of my life. I’ve learned many things and discovered the amazing culture of Kenya. During my long-term project (10months), I participated in many activities and had the chance to help for the implementation of new projects. I will never forget my experience in Kenya and I’m already planning to come back to Kenya to engage myself in new programs.’

Roberta (Italy)

Meet our team

Helicia Nicolas – Partnerships & public relations manager

Helicia graduated from a Masters degree in cultural and touristic projects managemenent in Paris – France.

She also studied sustainable development projects management and geography. She likes to develop new projects and to bring people from different backgrounds to work on a common project for the common interest of the community.

She volunteered in many camps and different international programs all around the world.

She has been involved in International Voluntary Service organisations and netwoks before heading to KVSO. She brings her passion for Africa and Kenya to serve the community and develop new projects. She is the one in charge of the parternships and everything related to communication in KVSO.

She believes in the strenght of african organisations to develop impactful volunteering project.

She chose KVSO for the quality of their work and for their will to bring International Voluntary Service to a different level in Kenya and in Africa. In KVSO we want to make sure that our volunteers will make the best of their experience, that our partners are directly involved in our projetcts and that the local community sees concrete and impactful results thanks to our projects.


Albert Migowa – Development manager

Albert champions for peace, intercultural exchange and sustainable development through volunteerism. He truly believes that each person has something to bring in the process of sharing, discovering and promoting cultures. He has actively participated and engaged in numerous KVSO programmes notably, the development of the adolescent health and well- being in which he took a lead role in its development. Additionaly, together with  the founder Mr. Linus Onyango he has sought partnerships and continues to with the most recent one being the East African Civil Society Forum(EASCOF) . He develops and maintains relationships with stakeholders including special interest and community stakeholders for KVSO. FOCUS: Sustainability, ICT solutions, professional management and youth/women skills development.

He is a champion and advocates for more women in technology especially in developer cirlces such as android and Facebook

He believes that ICT is a sure way of bringing measurable impact in society.

Other roles

Member-National committee on online safety, Communications Authority
Member-National committee STEM4PEACE, Global peace foundation& CEMASTEA.
Head of partnerships-Internet Society of Kenya.
Mentor-Presidential Digitalent Programme, ICT Authority.
Certified Microsoft Innovative Educator
Certified Google digital skills trainer.
Member- Internet 4 development global
Member-Atlassian User group Thika
Judge aspiring young innovator Riara University-2018
Judge lego Olympics competition-2018

Linus Omondi – International Program Coordinator

Linus Onyango Omondi is the former Immediate Chairperson of the UNESCO Youth Forum Kenya. He is the African Representative to UNESCO and also the Unesco Youth Peace ambassador.

He is the Founder and  current International program Coordinator of Kenia Voluntary Service Organization.

KVSO organizes, coordinates and hosts work camps ranging from wildlife, hospital, school, orphanage, environmental and cultural programs through January to December.

Mr. Omondi has also served the UNESCO fraternity and KVSO well in regards to matters youth.

He has been invited to Nigeria, South Africa, France, Germany, Belgium and Tanzania to tackle issues related to Youth and Cultural integration.

Mr. Omondi terms himself as a ‘Champion of culture.’ He has successfully used his own cultural skills and knowledge to engage the youth in safeguarding and promoting not only the Kenyan Culture but African culture as a whole through music and dance.

As a professional performer in an Afro Acapella band, he promotes contemporary African folk and urban tunes.

Mr. Omondi is also a trained Print and Broadcast Journalist from The Kenya Institute of Mass Communication and Moi University in Nairobi.

He has won several accolades in the area of creative and fictional writing and claims that his writing prowess gained ground the day of his conception.

Sheila Koech – International Volunteer Coordinator

She has Degree in Public Relations and Marketing, and higher diploma in Community Development.

She has participated in seminars and youth conference’s around the world.

Sheila has also voluntered in other organizations before joining KVSO.

She has organised big races locally and internationally to support youth in her community.

KVSO was started with the aim of empowering our local communities through volunteer service and also enhancing exchange between nationalities through volunteer work.

We have a wide array of activities that starts from January stretching all the way to December. The programs are long, short and mid term.

Looking forward to welcoming you in our programmes in Kenya.

Launch of the adolescent toolkit

Kenia Voluntary Service Organization was present for the launch of the Adolescent Toolkit, coordinated by the Organisation of Africa Youth Kenya and the Kenya Adolescent and Youth SRHR/HIV Network.   Official meeting to launch the Adolescent Toolkit     This toolkit provides a guideline on how to advocate for the health and well being of adolescent in Kenya and aims to serve as example for the neighbouring countries. Many partners were involved in the previous meetings, leading to the creation…

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KVSO attending the Kenya Wildlife Service conference in Nairobi

In the last weeks, KVSO representatives attended a conference at the Kenya Wildlife Service in Nairobi about heritage conservation, preservation and protection. Heritage sauveguard and promotion is one of the main focus of KVSO actions. Our projects aim to raise awareness on the importance on conserving our heritage and everything that makes our culture alive. Kenya is rich of its traditions and ancient customs and this richness should be the concern of everyone, Kenyan or not as it is part…

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Girls Advocacy Focal Points Planning meeting

Members present were briefed about EACSOF’s objectives and how it engages the civil society organization in the EAC region. It was clear that only two youth organizations have registered  as members of EACSOF platform and there is need to create more awareness to national youth organizations to become members of EACSOF. Mr. Masheti encouraged youth representatives present to form and umbrella body at national level and register as one entity to the platform which will give all member organizations opportunity…

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Video of the year 2017

Kenia Voluntary Service Organisation organises every year a competition that aims to promote good initiatives from our partners through media creations. Each partner from KVSO is invited during the year to create videos that highlight an activity, an event, a campaign that promote one of the subjects identified : peace & human rights, environment, education, health security, community development, intercultural exchange & diversity, heritage protection & promotion. At the end of the year, KVSO members gather to select the nominated video…

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Adolescent toolkit partners meeting

Kenia Voluntary Service Organisation (KVSO) was recently at the Adolescent health and well being toolkit partner meeting organised by Organisation of African Youth Kenya (OAYK) on the 13th of  December, 2017. The meeting was held at the National Youth Council (NYC) office along Standard street in the Central Business District (CBD) as part of knowledge gathering and sharing of the adolescent tool kit as well as building networks. KVSO was founded to give an opportunity to all those who want…

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A surprise coming from Poland for our kids

This week, our kids from Kisumu  received an amazing present directly coming from Poland. The students from the gymnazjum school from Ostroda and their teachers prepared a package full of equipments and educational materials. They also received posters made by the Polish school who studied the Kenyan culture. This partnership between the two schools is part of the educational projects of KVSO and we are glad to support this exchange which acts for the betterment of our kids’ education. Our…

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New partnership with Polish School

KVSO is glad to officially start a new partnership with a Polish school based in Ostrodo, Poland. This partnership aims to foster intercultural exchanges between students from Poland and Kenya, while developping a strong cooperation in order to provide our Kenyan kids with better educational equipments. Their students already prepared amazing posters promoting cultural exchange between Poland and Kenya and they mobilized the whole school to collect educational equipment. This partnership is part of the educational project of KVSO that…

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Cerebral Palsy Charity Walk on October 7th 2017

Our partner Cerebral Palsy Society of Kenya will organize the Annual Cerebral Palsy Charity Walk on Saturday, October 7th 2017. KVSO is supporting this event and will stand next to Cerebral Palsy Society of Kenya to raise awareness about cerebral palsy. This World Cerebral Palsy Day is the moment for all of us to stand up for this great cause and to support organizations which are actually acting in order to make things better. Each of us can make a…

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Kenia Voluntary Service Organization is a Community Based Organization that aims to promote peace, diversity and sustainable development through volunteering.



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