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KVSO always implement new actions and initiatives to improve partnerships between us and the local community and institutions. In and outside Kenya, Kenia Voluntary Service Organization is very active and aims to raise awareness about the strong potential of International Voluntary Service.

Some of our projects:
Video of the year

Kenia Voluntary Service Organisation organises every year a competition that aims to promote good initiatives from our partners through media creations. Each partner from KVSO is invited during the year to create videos that highlight an activity, an event, a campaign that promote one of the subjects identified : peace & human rights, environment, education, health security, community development, intercultural exchange & diversity, heritage protection & promotion.

At the end of the year, KVSO members gather to select the nominated video and  promote it through their website and the social medias. All the videos produced for this project are  promoted through our YouTube Channel.

This project aims to raise awareness about the different fields KVSO work fields. More than anything, the purpose of this initiative is to encourage our partners to use communication tools such as videos to promote their actions and to raise awareness among a larger audience thanks to our communication channels. This is also a great opportunity to share best practices from our partners, working on many differents fields of actions. This is a great source of inspiration for many organisations, a creative initiative that empowers our partners.

The competition was held for the first time in 2017 and the winner was selected through a handful select of judges.  There were several creative movies produced with the theme ‘Global Human Rights Week 2017’ which was held in Poland in their schools where a school from Zmudz took the top spot. The motivated students from this school created a movie about peace and human rights. This is with great pleasure that KVSO chose this video that highlighted the importance of the youth role in raising awareness actions.

Adolescent Toolkit

Kenia Voluntary Service Organisation (KVSO) was recently at the Adolescent health and well being toolkit partner meeting organised by Organisation of African Youth Kenya (OAYK) on the 13th of  December, 2017. The meeting was held at the National Youth Council (NYC) office along Standard street in the Central Business District (CBD) as part of knowledge gathering and sharing of the adolescent tool kit as well as building networks.

OAYK, serves as a platform for young people to assert their power in numbers, energy and imagination to transform Africa to be a beacon of hope for its entire people. It seeks to motivate, unify and empower youth to be drivers of Africa’s social, political and economic transformation. Through its networks and partners across Kenya, it strengthens synergies and collaboration by ensuring that projects are managed by local OAY Youth committees in Kenya, addressing the unique needs of the resident youth.

This meeting sought to take the participants through an overview of the adolescent tool kit a session which was facilitated by Mr. Micheal Asudi of OAYK. He stated that the adolescent tool kit provided a guideline of how to advocate for the health and well being of the adolescent, including the five step process of advocacy of the toolkit. In addition, he mentioned that the tool kit needed to be adapted into the Kenyan context. He further asserted that OAYK was the focal point for the tool kit and its rolling out. 

Hakuna Matata Project

This partnership is part of the educational project of KVSO that aims to promote education for all at the local and international level. Through this project, kids from Europe and Africa will be able to exchange about their lives and to learn about each other. The main purpose is to raise awareness about the richness and diversity of our cultures and also to build a strong bond and friendship between kids from all over the world, beyond the territorial borders.

This partnership aims to foster intercultural exchanges between students from Poland and Kenya, while developing a strong cooperation in order to provide our Kenyan kids with better educational equipments.

KVSO facilitates the exchange between the Kenyan and Polish Schools and induces them to think more about their potential contributions in order to build a strong  and sustainable intercultural exchange. Polish students prepared amazing posters, cards and drawings promoting cultural exchange between Poland and Kenya and went ahead to mobilize the whole school to collect educational equipments. These packages were further sent to the Kenyan school and our kids were thrilled to receive all these materials from their Polish friends.

This cooperation is still going on and relevant projects are already taking shape for 2018.

Cultural music & dance festival

KVSO organised a music & dance cultural festival with many other partners. This event aimed to raise awareness about the richness of the kenyan music and dance culture among the young generation and people living in the city.

This event took place in Nairobi, at the Kenyatta International Conference Center and The Bomas of Kenya. It gathers people from all around the world, willing to discover and learn more about the cultural heritage of our country.

We believe that dances, sounds and other artistic forms of expressions are some of the better ways to raise awareness about the importance of preserving and promoting cultural heritage. We inherit this culture from our ancestors and this is our role to protect this knowledge, to share it and pass it to the young generation who will later remain the custodians and pass it to their kids and their grand kids.


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