Testimony from our french volunteer Anne-Laure

“Quoi de mieux au début de mon cursus de communication, que de me confronter à une expérience immersive de pure communication humaine ? Lors de cet échange culturel, j’ai pu découvrir la diversité des traditions et l’état d’esprit du peuple Massaï au sein de la famille qui m’a accueillie comme leur propre fille. Pendant deux mois je me suis adaptée à leur mode et rythme de vie sur les terres sauvages du Massaï Mara. Malgré leurs faibles ressources matérielles, les…


World Heritage Volunteers in Tsavo

The report is ready! Feel free to download it and learn about our World Heritage Volunteers project in Tsavo National Parks & Chyulu Hills complex with the participation of local & international volunteers during this summer.


KVSO acting for the World Clean Up Day 2018

KVSO volunteers participated in a clean up exercise to improve the cleanliness of Nairobi city for the World Clean Up Day 2018. We have been able to organize this action through our long term collaboration with the UNESCO Youth Forum Kenya and the help of our volunteers, local and international. This one day action is the starting point of a new campaign that KVSO develops to raise awareness on sustainable development and environment protection. Stay tuned for more information regarding…


Join our partner in South Africa!

Willing to volunteer with our partner from South Africa? Contact us for more details about our partner SAVWA and discover this country rich for its culture and heritage. Many projects and camps are only waiting for you!  


Have a dream project with KVSO in Maasai Mara

KVSO Team together with our volunteers from Egypt during a rescue mission to locate an ailing giraffe at the Maasai mara kvso project. We managed to trace it and later informed the Kenya Wildlife team whom responded promptly and we are happy to say that the giraffe is currently good health.


Have a dream volunteers with KVSO

Today we are glad to welcome volunteers from the Have a Dream project, organised by our partner from Egypt. This trip called African Ambassadors gathers 7 volunteers from Egypt who travel from South Africa to Cairo, crossing 7 countries including Egypt and Kenya. It aims to raise awareness on Africa’s beauty and potential, and to raise awareness on projects including youth and kids from Africa. KVSO is proud to be selected as the Kenyan partner for this African Ambassadors trip…


In the heart of the Maasai Mara National Reserve

Some of our volunteers are currently enjoying the great wildlife migration during their volunteering stay in one of our Maasai hosting families. A unique opportunity to discover the unique richness of our fauna during this migration happening only once per year. Meanwhile, they are still working with the host family to build a sustainable environment for their house, surrounded by the rich fauna and flora of Maasai Mara. Farming, building chicken houses, renovating traditional maniatta and helping the community to…


Building project in Kisumu

Our french volunteer Alice joined our building project in Kisumu for a few weeks, helping the local community to build and renovate traditional houses. She learnt a lot from the traditional construction techniques and spent a lot of time with the inhabitants who appreciated her efforts during the project. Staying with the local community for a few weeks or months is the best opportunity to make the best of  your volunteering stay and to learn from your experience. If you…


Successfull World Heritage Volunteers camp

The World Heritage Volunteers camp in Tsavo National Parks & Chyulu Hills Complex came to its end after 14 days rich of activities, meetings and discoveries. This 2018 edition was a real success, with the participation of many partners like Kenya Wildlife Service and volunteers from all around the world. This project aimed to raise awareness on the diversity of the kenyan heritage and encouraging volunteers to preserve and promote our culture. Learn more about the project HERE!  


World Heritage Volunteers Tsavo Camp

The World Heritage Volunteers Camp in Tsavo National Parks & Isukuti Dance has just started with the arrival of our volunteers from France & Spain on the 14th of July. This WHV camp will take place in Tsavo National Parks for 10 days with the cooperation of many partners, aiming to raise awareness of the environmental challenges of the parks. After learning about these issues, volunteers will endorse this role of ambassador and will meet school students, local organizations and…




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