About us



Everyone in this world seeks to make a difference. Making a difference in a world which is as connected as ours, is just possible if we try to understand and embrace other cultures as they are. All over the world, voluntary service has been highlighted as the most impactful venture to make people experience and appreciate different cultures and traditions. It is from the same spirit that the Kenia Voluntary Service Organization was formed to offer a platform to those seeking a possibility to learn from and to contribute the most they can to make a difference in their lives and the lives of the people in the communities they serve.


KVSO was founded to give an opportunity to all those who want to explore the enriching field of volunteering.

Our mission is to promote peace, intercultural exchange and sustainable development through volunteerism. We truly believe that each person has something to bring in the process of sharing, discovering and promoting cultures.

Our team and all our partners are involved in this wish to make thinks better through volunteering, and to give the chance to all of us to make a step towards action, change and empowerment.

Our community based association encourages the local community to consider its responsibility in its own development and aims to support this development through new projects, partnerships and volunteering actions.



  • Respect and open-mindedness
  • Sustainability and equity
  • Volunteerism and non-formal education
  • Empowerment and development of the local community
  • Fulfillment
  • Multiculturalism and peace



Kenia Voluntary Service Organization is a Community Based Organization that aims to promote peace, diversity and sustainable development through volunteering and community projects.


  • kvsokenya@gmail.com
  • +254 72 08 03 531
  • Post office box 35232 – 00100 Norwich Union 6th Floor Mama Ngina Street
  • Nairobi – KENYA