As anouced previously, KVSO was present at the validation workshop on the Maputo Protocol, held on 5th April, 2018 at Comfort Hotel, Milimani-Nairobi area.

The meeting brought together 15 stakeholders with their main objective being to; advocate for the reporting of the Maputo Protocol, Africa Youth Charter and other sub regional instruments.

Opening remarks was given by Mr. Masheti – Executive Director at East Africa Civil Society Organizations’ Forum. He said a number of items:
1. The Main theme of the National Dialogue Forum 2018 is Anti-Corruption
2. On youth, he said that the youth do not associate with non- youth. Space should be provided to enable link up.
3. On leadership, he encouraged the youth to take charge of youth affair to repair, request for resources.
4. Advocacy; he said EACSO was focused on rights options and rights are inalienable

Among the questions raised include:
i. How do we advocate justice for the youth?
ii. How can we achieve accountability of the duty payer?

It was agreed that EACSO is a common platform in getting to discuss issues for advocacy for girls and it can be used t harness the voices of Kenya.
Women have been put to the front by UNSCR1325 – KNAP through women peace and security. This has been achieved by the following pillars: participation and gender, protection of rights and finally relief and recovery. Youth can be involved in the UNSCR1325 through capacity building, vocational training, and gender offices and youth involvement in decision making process.
The Africa Youth Trust as put women to the fore front through integration of peace building programs.

Kenya’s status with regards to the Maputo Protocol
The political will of the country has reduced the progress over the past few years; there has been no fully commitment to the Maputo Commitment thus leading to less harmonization among ministries. Women rights have been turned political. There has been a challenge with reporting not only for Kenya but Namibia, Cameroon and Rwanda.

Some of the challenges that were raise include:
i. Accountability of countries participating in the Maputo Protocol
ii. There has been less advocacy which has hindered wide spread information, resulting to most people not being aware of the Maputo Protocol.

Advocacy skills have to be improved and made up to date with the technology. Therefore, improving monitoring and accountability that will enhance capacity and sub-regional network. All people wanting to engage with government should be educated to know their position as a youth for that particular time, which will enable drive the agenda of the youth in the society.


Report made by Rachel Wekesa – KVSO Research Personnel