KVSO is glad to officially start a new partnership with a Polish school based in Ostrodo, Poland.

This partnership aims to foster intercultural exchanges between students from Poland and Kenya, while developping a strong cooperation in order to provide our Kenyan kids with better educational equipments.

Their students already prepared amazing posters promoting cultural exchange between Poland and Kenya and they mobilized the whole school to collect educational equipment.

This partnership is part of the educational project of KVSO that aims to promote education for all at the local and international level. Through this project, kids from Europe and Africa will be able to exchange about their lifes and to learn about each other. The main purpose is to raise awareness about the diversity of our cultures and to build friendships between kids from all over the world, beyond the borders.

We started this project by selecting 3 of the best posters created by the Polish students. Thanks to the Christmas solidarity, our kids from Kenya should have a great surprise directly coming from Poland.

KVSO would like to sincerely thank the teachers from the Ostrodo school for their motivation and their will to spread intercultural exchanges with us!